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Dr Halari has worked with individuals suffering from a wide range of psychological difficulties including anxiety disorders (e.g. PTSD, panic disorder, health anxiety, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder), mood disorders (e.g. depression, bipolar disorder), schizophrenia, eating disorders, addictions and developmental disorders including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Aspergers (assessment diagnostic assessment and treatment).

Dr Halari has used her academic and clinical knowledge in the delivery of neuropsychological assessments and psychological treatments of a wide range of difficulties. She has published widely in peer reviewed journals and books and presented at international conferences in the areas of psychosis, ADHD, depression and anxiety, and neuropsychology.

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Book Chapters:

  1. Halari R., PhD, Kumari, V., PhD Gonadal and stress hormones, symptoms and subjective mood in schizophrenia. (published December 2004, Psychology of Moods, Nova Science, USA).

Selected abstracts:

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